WoW skinning Tutorials and files

I can be reached at or through the comments box below.


Trollpaxton says:

Heya, nice tutorial and I like your blog’s colors.

I think I can help you with your boar alpha problem. Essentially, it’s WoWImage. WoWImage doesn’t give you any control over the format of BLP it creates, so either you have to find the magic PNG format it takes to get the alpha channel to work, or use BLPConverter. BLPConverter’s interface is kinda lacking but it is the best tool for handling conversions that I’ve seen. Check out my tutorial if you are interested, though I’ll freely admit it’s not as pretty as yours:

Also, I wanted to mention two major communities of modders already that are good references if you hadn’t heard of them. The first is, which covers pretty much everything and has piles of tutorials. The second site,, focuses mostly on adult mods. That’s not everyone’s thing, of course, but I think the quality of the texture modding there is higher than mmowned (because I’m there, hah).

Anyhow, bookmarked, and keep up the good work. 🙂

wowskinner says:

Zomigosh it’s Trollpaxton O_O Thanks for the comment! I gotta say, you were one of my main inspirations to get started, and the first name I heard, associated with skinning. Some random dude whispered me on my server, and we got to talking about changing colors on things, and he directed me to darknest, and said to look up Trollpaxton. ^_^

So I started learning at Darknest, and I’ve only just this week been directed to mmowned! I’m currently trying to convince them to get a separate forum for the skinning modders and the model shape/swap alter-ers. I look forward to participating there quite a bit!

Hmm, BLP converter, eh? For some reason, that’s what I thought I already had, but you’re right, what I have is Wow Image Converter by Taktaal. I wasn’t aware of PNG’s squirreliness when it comes to alphas, so I’ll definitely switch to BLPConverter. And I’ll stop using Paint Shop Pro 4 to do quick test recolorations. =P (I just picked up The Gimp this week, too, I had been using Photoshop for my more successful skins, but that’s not available to me at work.)

Good to hear from ya, I’m honored!


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