WoW skinning Tutorials and files

{March 7, 2008}   ~First Post~

Hey, WowSkinner here. I’d like to start off by noting that this is the first time I’ve ever called myself that. If you know of another person who has ever gone by that handle, anywhere else at all, it’s not me. This blog is the only place where I will ever refer to myself as that name. So if there’s another WowSkinner out there, sorry about that, this name was available at wordpress, so I snagged it.

This blog is meant to put a brighter face on the practice of Wow skinning. I wanted to learn how to make my epic flying mount white like my beloved non-epic Snowy Gryphon, and I had a bit of a time learning how. And apparently hardly anyone does anything with this technology aside from draw nipples with it. So I resolved to create an easy-to-use (or at least all-in-one-place) tutorial sans nips for others who share my interest in this practice.

Please, enjoy, comment and inquire, I’m here to help. See the categories in the sidebar to get started looking at pre-made texture changes, and the tutorial is also located in the sidebar. Yes, I will do custom textures for you. No, I won’t be drawing nipples on anything for you. Yes, it’s free. But it might not be immediate. >_> I can be slow.


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